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Pakistan's Most Comprehensive Human Resource Management System

Built-in the Heart of Karachi and powered by a robust international information technology team, Radiant Workforce delivers Pakistan’s leading Human Resource Management Solution. Radiant Workforce, is specifically designed to enable organizations to efficiently manage and monitor employee productivity.




Human Resource Management


Radiant Workforce’s HRMS technology allows you to keep your employee’s check-in & check-out records up to date enabling you to increase worker productivity, reduce labor costs and minimize compliance risks in one comprehensive system.


Radiant Workforce's advanced solution provides a customizable dashboard where employees have the freedom to control and monitor their individual work performance. Enabling them to view and compare their work history and empowering them to improve workflow.

Recruitment / Hiring

Radiant Workforce's intuitive HRMS solution simplifies the recruitment and hiring process by placing your company's open positions in front of the most qualified candidates. It provides your recruitment team with the ability to, schedule interviews, collaborate with colleagues, and make an informed hiring decision.


Your organization will be able to develop an inclusive talent workforce by providing your employees with planning and evaluation support, individual profile maintenance, and data collection. Radiant Workforce empowers your employees by creating a performance-driven culture with a complete 360-feedback loop and performance monitoring system.

Leave Management

Radiant Workforce’s all in one leave management system smoothly manages your employee’s vacations, paid, and unpaid time-off requests.  Totally eliminating manual interventions and paperwork while complying with legal regulations.


RWF's intuitive payroll management solution boasts an easy-to-implement process that provides organizations with extensive financial reporting functionality. With our solution you can quickly and easily run reports on metrics such as employee salaries, allowances, deductions, gross pay and many others.

Pakistan’s Top-Rated All-in-One 360º HRMS Solution

Radiant Workforce empowers your employees by giving them access to a self-service platform, which improves employee collaboration of and reduces the cost of the company’s HR operations. Radiant Workforce is a powerful cloud based application that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Our personalized user-friendly interface is completely automated to help improve your employee’s performance and ensure compliance with regulations. Our HR solution implements a culture of accountability as employees are responsible to complete their tasks and duties required by their role in the organization.  Using Radiant Workforce your employees will know when to be available for assigned shifts in order to fulfill your company’s objectives. 


Radiant Workforce is a Cloud Based HRMS Solution

Radiant Workforce is Pakistan’s most enhanced cloud based HRMS system which means it runs completely online and can be accessible from any location through any compatible mobile device - all you need is an internet connection. This feature enables your company to manage multiple remote or field employees from anywhere the Internet is available. You can now seamlessly track employees locations and view their progress in real-time. Radiant Workforce on cloud technology provides encrypted security to ensure your information resides safely in the cloud. Radiant Workforce also gives you the freedom to set security levels providing you with the ability to restrict who sees your company’s sensitive information. Radiant Workforce can also provide you a completely customizable solution based on your needs.

Android & iOS Apps

Radiant Workforce’s Mobile apps infrastructure provides a safe and clear-cut universal HRMS solution that runs on windows, android, and iOS operating systems. It’s also easily accessible online from any compatible mobile device.


Mark Location

With our advanced geo-location tracking system, employees can now mark their live location in real time anywhere using a mobile device.  

Mark Attendance Offline

Radiant Workforce’s allow employees to log their attendance offline and the system will automatically store the punch mark and push it to the cloud as soon as the employee connects to the internet again.

Mark Offline Location

The smart geo-fencing system seamlessly creates a streamline for check-in parameters to be able to monitor your employee’s proximity to the field location. 

Self Services

An employee self service portal that gives your entire workforce immediate access to edit and update their details, schedules, requests, and HR-related tasks and information that your employees need for efficient operations. 

Spend Less Time on Paperwork & Concentrate More On Your Employees.


The #1 HRMS & HRIS Solution in Pakistan

Easy to use, cloud-based, and fully automated HRMS & HRIS software that provides a complete employee management solution under one roof. 


An easy offline clock-in/clock-out system that enables your organization to monitor employee attendance, and manage shifts.


Allows employees to monitor their work profile, helps interdepartmental interactions, and fosters a collaborative working atmosphere

Leave Management

Seamlessly navigates vacation requests and tracks employee leave applications. 


A robust payroll platform that automatically calculates employee net wages, generates direct deposits and simplifies filing year-end tax filing submissions.


Provides a 360º in-depth feedback loop of employee performance to empower them to efficiently achieve your company’s goals.

Human Resource

A strategic system that streamlines all the activities of your HR department, HR Administration, and employee life events from on-boarding to off-boarding.

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Radiant Workforce is Pakistan’s Top automated HRMS & HRIS Solution designed to manage all-in-one HR solutions including payroll and leave management, attendance monitoring, 360 performance feedback, and an employee self service dashboard. Through a single application Radiant Workforce ensures to completely eliminate paperwork and manual functions by implementing electronic procedures to improve your company’s overall efficiency. 


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